Between all those classes and lectures you will need some time for recreation too. At Vignan, while our primary focus will be your education, we will offer you a diverse range of activities for mental and physical recuperation.

Do you Know

  • P.Hari Krishna, world chess champion was a student of Vignan.
  • Extensive playing fields are in place for Cricket, Tennis, Basket Ball & Volleyball.

Vignan Mahotsav - National Level Youth Festival

Vignan Mahotsav, the institution's annual and national level youth festival is a unique initiative undertaken to promote & showcase the innate talents possessed by budding professionals not only across engineering colleges of A.P.but from neighbouring states as well.

The brand objectives of this annual youth fest is to provide a competitive platform (through a wide gamest of events both technical & non technical) for a stimulated exchange of knowledge, skills & culture among students of various colleges, and thereby develop them into harmonious and proactive individuals.

A galore of events is brought forth through Vignan Mahotsav, under categories of Sports & Games, Technical Tryst, Literary Rendezvous, Fine Arts and Cultural Masti. With handsome cash prizes worth more than ten lakh rupees being on offer, event is most awaited and it draws a participation of more than 10,000 students from various Engineering Colleges across the country.

A unique feature of the Mahotsav is that the entire event right from planning to execution is takenup by various student committees

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Mahotsav 2015 Notice Board

   Entry fee Rs.200 per head    

   Additional Rs.10 for each event.   

   Participant need to submit Xerox copy of id card and bonafied certificate        (with principal sign).   

   Food will be arranged. Accomodation will be arranged at first cum first serve.    

   Spot registration is not available for sports.   

   Extra amount will be charged for Workshops.    

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