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     The Department of Humanities and Science is intended to promote learning and research generally in arts and science in all branches.

The main objectives are:

1. To advance and diffuse scientific, technical and professional knowledge combined with necessary practical training and best calculated to help in promoting industries and in developing the material resources of the country.

2. To promote the building up of character in youth by making models, ethics and management integral part of education.

The study of humanities is essential as the world shrinks due to explosion of information technology as of now. It enriches our existence, extends our consciousness and leads us to the development of thought. It also concerns itself with the communication to other human to communicate or to show our feelings or expressions. An applied science operates across materials, manufacturing, natural resources and sustainable system. Our focus is on fundamental research and application to meet the needs of industry and society. We adopt multi disciplinary approach to our work drawing on expertise through out our university. Our course strengths based on, in depth expertise are wide ranging and addresses a number of areas.

Prof. & HoD, S&H Dept

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