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     S & H department offers B.Tech., B.Sc. and Doctoral programmes. The department is home to a number of externally-funded research projects and publications in leading, indexed journals. It also hosts a wide range of intellectual and creative discussions through conferences, seminars, and workshops at regular intervals.

     S & H department is the center for groundbreaking foundational research. The faculty members of the department have a vibrant research culture with 4 dedicated Research Centers and 58 doctorates, among whom five members have more than 10 h-Index.

     S & H department has a rich research tradition. Highlighting this, the HoD of the Department, Navuluri Srinivasu mentions: "The dept is renowned for the strength in research that has to be certainly credited to the invaluable multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary nature. Our syllabus is designed to provide the students a detailed analytical performance across all of the core areas and all undergraduates at the VFSTR are required to study the Humanities and Sciences, regardless of their specialization."

     The department has been successful in its mission in guiding the students to develop holistically by enhancing their academic, professional, social and global competencies.

Prof. & HoD, S&H Dept

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