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English Language Communication Skills Lab

A well established, multimedia language laboratory aims at helping students to overcome their linguistic deficiencies and develop proficiency in English usage. This enables budding professionals to enhance their employability and enables their seamless integration into the corporate world.
Total Software Cost : Rs. 5.6 lakhs

Language Packages (SOFTWARE)

  • Teacher consoleHi-Class Software V2.0

  • Rosetta Stone - Level - III Networking edition

  • Speech Solutions

  • Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary

  • American Heritage Dictionary

  • TOEFL Mastery

  • English Mastery

  • Physics Lab

    Physics is perhaps the most fundamental of the science. It involves the study of the nature of the basic things such as motion, forces, energy, matter, heat, sound, light and the atom. Engineering is the profession in which basic knowledge from the mathematical and natural sciences is applied to develop new ways to utilize the materials and forces of nature for the benefit of society. We have introduced a few such experiments, which are stimulating, revealing and rewarding in the engineering physics laboratory. These exercises enable the students to go ascertained of their theoretical knowledge derived from engineering physics course.

    Chemistry Lab

    It plays a vital role in qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemicals, which is an essential path for almost all industries. Students can acquire good practical knowledge about estimations, preparations and instrumentation, which are having industrial applications. This lab enables the students in the analysis of unknown organic compounds and give detailed idea about the determination of melting points and boiling points of different chemical compounds. It gives the fundamental concept of preparation of compounds on small scale.

    Instruments present in the Lab

    • U.V Visible spectrophotometer

    • Colorimeter

    • Conductometer

    • Potentiometer

    • Polarimeter

    • PH meter

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