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Sno Date Topic Resource Person
1 17th April 2014 Career Opportunities in Abroad and in Industries Mr.T.Hari Krishna,,
Scientist-D ISRO,
Satellite Centre, Bangalore.
2 21st January 2014 Role of Chemical Engineers in IICT Prof.V.Jayathirtha Rao,
Chief Scientist,
Head CPC Division, IICT, Hyderabad
3 11th September 2013 Career Paths for Chemical Engineers Mrs. L.Bala Padmini,
Process Engineer, CBI-Lummus Technology,
Bloomfield, NJ, USA
4 23rd August  2013 Biological Treatment of Food Waste in City Environment Prof. Jonathan W. C. Wong,
MH Sino-Forest Applied Research Centre for Pearl River Delta Environment,
Department of Biology, Hong Kong Baptist University
5 12th April 2013 Mineral Engineering Sri.S.V.Subba Rao,
GIET, Rajamandry
6 6th April 2013 Textile Industry: A Perspective on Future Potential Growth Dr.A.Mukhopadhay,
Scientist G, DST, New Delhi
7 6th April  2013 Textile Machinery Maintenance Sri.Subramaniyan,
Voltas Ltd.,
8 6th April  2013 Opportunities in Textile Industry Sri.P.Ajay Kumar,
NSL Textiles Ltd., Hyderabad
9 29th December  2012 National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) Nizar Ahamed, Classle Net,
10 14th December 2012 Research Opportunities - NEERI Dr.Sunil Kumar,
Scientist, NEERI,
11 16th November 2012 Opportunities in Textile Industry Mr.B.Suman,
Competence Developer,
Inditex, Gurgaon CSR - India
12 31st October 2012 Biodiversity - With special emphasis on Kolleru Dr.M.K.Durga Prasad,
Ex-Vice Chancellor,
Krishna University
13 17th October 2012 Biodiversity of Medicinal Plants Dr. K. Madhava Chetty,
Department of Biotechnology,
S.V University, Tirupati.
14 11th September 2012 Green Fuels-Gas to Liquid Approach Dr. K. Madhava Chetty,
Dr.S.Venkateswara Rao,
Research Scientist, E.I Dupont,
Canada Company, Canada.
15 01st September 2012 Career opportunities in industry Dr.K.Krishnaiah,
Professor IIT Madras,
Chennai - 600 036
16 30th August 2012 Energy & the Environment Dr. M Venkateswar Rao,
RVR & JC Engineering College
17 18th April 2012 Career opportunities in industry Sri Ramesh Koganti
Process Lead,
British Petroleum USA.
18 26th March 2012 Sustainable solid waste management in developing countries - Is it a myth or reality? Prof.T.Swaminathan,
Dept. of Chemical Engineering,
IIT, Madras
19 26thMarch 2012 Bio - remediation of Cr (VI) contaminated soil and aquifer Prof.Ligy Philip,
Dept. of Civil,
IIT, Madras
20 26th March 2012 Ambient noise levels study in Guntur city Sri.K.L.P.Kumar,
Executive Engineer, AP Pollution Control Board,
Regional Office Guntur
21 07th March 2012 Career opportunities in industry Sri. E. Pardhasaradhi,
Retired General Manager,
Coal India Ltd., Kolkata
22 20th October 2011 Carrer Planning Mr.M.Abdullah,
Founder of Conduria,
Carrer consultancy, Visakhapatnam.
23 14th October 2011 Process development for Caffeine degradation: A Bio Chemical Engineering approach Dr. G. Satyanarayana,
Associate Professor,
Department of Biotechnology,
IIT Madras
24 27th September 2011 Fire and Safety Mr.Johnson G. Narayana,
Kings Institute of Fire and Safety
25 11th September 2011 Advances in immunology Dr.G.Subramanyam,
Department of Biosciences and Biotechnology,
IIT Bombay
26 26th July 2011 Chemical Engineering Profession and Prospects Dr.K.S.Gandhi,
Emeritus Professor, IISc,
27 June 2011 Lean Six Sigma Mr.Madhav Reddy, CEO, Red Mad Learnings,Visakhapatnam
28 March 2011 Green Chemistry Dr.M.Krishnamurthy,CEO,
Akash Multimedia, Vijayawada
29 March 2011 Bio Remediation Dr.P.P.Raj,
Argone National Lab; U.S.A
30 March 2011 Global Warming Mr.A.Prabhakar Rao
Retd. Lecturer, J.K.C. College, Guntur,
31 January 2011 Transfer Operations Mr.D.K.Madhusudhana Rao,
MIC College of Engineering& Technology, Kanchikacharla
32 January 2011 Thermodynamics Dr.N.Ramgopal,
Bapatla Engineering College, Bapatla
33 December 2010 Bio / Nano Technology Mr. Harsha Prabhala,
Hohns Hopkins University, USA
34 November 2010 Recent Trends in Petroleum Refining Dr.S.R.Patwardhan,
Emeritus Professor,
Department of Chemical Engineering,
IIT Bombay
35 August 2010 Chemo Sensors Dr.C.P.Rao,
Professor, Department of Chemistry IIT Bombay
36 July 2010 Pollution Effects on Environment Dr. K.Babu Rao,
Former Deputy Director,
IICT, Hyderabad
37 July 2010 Chemical & Biochemical Process Control Dr. Srinivas Palanki,
University of South Alabama, USA
38 June  2010 Fluidization Dr. Amit Suri,
39 March 2010 Technology Demonstration of Sol- Gel based Coatings for the Commercial Sector Dr. R. SubaSri,
Scientist D,
ARCI, Hyderabad.
40 March 2010 Pollution control techniques in chemical process industries Dr.V.S.R.K.Prasad,
Principal, ANITS,
41 November 2009 Modeling the dynamics of HIV infection and the impact of drug therapy Dr.M.Narendra Dixit,
IISc, Bangalore
42 August 2009 Material Science Dr.A.Ramesh Babu
Post Doctorial (Fellow) Research,
43 January 2009 Community Health Dr. Kalyan Ram,
Professor, Faculty member of NRI Medical Hospital,
44 January 2008 Measurement of diffusivity using single crystal membrane technique Dr.D.B.Shah,
Professor& Chair,
Cleveland State University,
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
45 August 2007 Goal setting and professional ethics Mr. V. Srinivas,
3 Melon Corporation USA
46 June 2007 Nano Technology Mr.I.Srikanth,
Scientist - DRDO
47 April 2007 Professional Ethics Dr.Rama Krishna, Reader,
RVRR College of Education, Guntur
48 April 2007 Removal of Volatile organics from wastewater by pervaporation Dr.S.V.Satyanarayana,
Professor & HOD,
Department of Chemical Engineering,
JNTU, Ananthapur
49 November 06 Role of chemical engineers on pollution control Prof. V.S.R.K Prasad
AU, Vizag
50 September  06 Career opportunities Smt. K.Uma and P.V.Prasada Rao,
Directors, CMS
51 September 06 Environmental Conservation Dr.V.M.Rao ,
VEC Vadlamudi
52 August 2006 Design and processing of IC Chip Silterra (Malaysia) Dr. V.Ankineedu,
Vice President,
Silterra (Malaysia)
53 July 2006 A Demo on CHEM - CAD Srinivas M,
Axio Engg. Ltd., Mumbai
54 July 2006 Biodegradation of organic chemical industry waste water Prof. A.V.N Swamy,
J.N.T.U Ansantapur
55 March 2006 The Prospectus of Chemical Engineering Prof. V. Subba Rao,
Wright University USA
56 February 2006 Antibiotics Dr. Baburao,
Hindu Pharmacy College, GNT
57 January 2006 Qualities required for success in Engineering field Mr.G.Narayana,
MIDC Maharastra
58 January 2006 Environmental Pollution across the Krishna - Godavari delta Dr. Ghosh Bobba,
Burlington, Canada
59 January 2006 Best Manufacturing practices in Pharma Industry Mr.Bhanu Prasad,
60 December 2005 Engineers for creation of wealth T.H.Chowdary,
Centre for Teleco management.
61 September 2005 Biocolours Sri. P.Dilip Kumar,
62 August 2005 Pneumatic Conveying and Electro Tomography Dr S.MadhusudanRao,
63 March 2005 Earth Simulators Dr T Kambe,
Univ. Of Tokyo
64 January 2005 Prospects for chemical engineers in Pharma Mr Bhanu Prasad,
65 November 2004 Chemical Engineering in daily Life Prof Y V C Rao,
IIT Kanpur
66 November 2004 Pervaporation Dr S V Satyanarayana,
JNTU Anantapur
67 April 2004 Ethics (Mind & Intelligent) Swamy Prasad
(Ramakrishna Mutt)
68 March 2004 Simulation and Optimization of Distillation process Mr A Sarat Babu,
NIT Warangal
69 February 2004 Utility of Fly Ash Prof. PV Rao (Retd),
Stanford Univ, USA
70 December 2003 Entrepreneurship / Small scale industry Mr. P Sai Sudhakar,
NISIET, Hyderabad
71 September 2003 Importance of Chemical Engineering in daily life Dr. M Venkateswar Rao,
RVR & JC Engineering College
72 April 2003 Mass Transfer Operations Dr K Sivaji,
IICT, Hyderabad
73 December 2002 Sugar Industry - Indian scenario Mr.SG Vara Prasad,
KCP Sugars
74 September 2002 The Importance of Institute/ Industrial Interaction Sri J Murali Mohan,
75 September 2002 Processes Dynamics Prof. R C Sastry,
NIT Warangal

Sno Date Workshop Resource Persons
1 31st Jan 2014 Career Opportunities in Food Processing Mr.T.Srinivas Raghu, Senior Consultant, APITCO, Hyderabad,
Dr.B.John Wesley, Associate Dean, College of Food Science and Technology, Bapatla,
Sri Tadikamalla Surya Prakasa Rao, President - Association of Cold Storages, Guntur,
Delegates from M/S.Eastern Condiments Pvt Ltd, Sangam Dairy, ITC Ltd, JP Industries, Gokul - Dairy and Milk Products, Bakers Fun, Sri Lakshmi Satyanarayana Ground Nut Oil etc.
2 17th to 22nd June 2013 Analytical Instruments G. Kishore Babu,
VPC, Vadlamudi
Ch. Devadasu,
VPC, Vadlamudi
3 29th Dec 2012 National Programme On Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) Nizar Ahamed,
Classle Net, Chennai
4 23rd to 24thNov 2012 Renewable Energy Dr.Prabodh Bajpai, IITGP
Dr.K.Srinivas Reddy, IITM
V.Mani, Scientist-E, C-MET
5 11th to 15th July 2011 IUCEE Workshop on Nanotechnology its Concepts and Applications Prof. Ramesh Agarwal, Washington University, USA.
6 21st March  2011 Green Technologies Dr.P.P.Raj,Scientist, Argonne National Lab, USA
7 05th to 09th July 2010 IUCEE Workshop on
Chemical and Biochemical Process Control
Dr.Srinivas Polanki, University of South Alabama, USA

Sno Date Conference/Seminar
1 23rd & 24thAugust 2013 International Conference on Technologies for Sustainable Waste Management in Developing countries
2 06th April 2013 Seminar on "Textile Industry - A Perspective on Future Potential Growth"
3 26th March 2012 Pollution Control: Chemical & Biological Techniques
4 21st March 2011 Seminar on Green Technologies
5 22nd - 23rd March 2010 Chemical Process Plants - Impact on Environment sponsored by AP Pollution Control Board
6 15th March 2008 CHEM VIGOR - 08

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