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The Department of Chemical Engineering has excellent infrastructure in terms of general requirements and state - of - the art lab equipment in the laboratories in particular. The School has a total of 52 computers, 4 printers and 1 intercom. It has a robust power back up. The school is equipped with a HT power line and in case of power cut there is a generator of 440KV. The School has a Simulation Lab having 1 Server and 30 Computers with 4.5 KVA UPS. Two 0.6 KVA UPS are separately used for computers of HOD & Data Entry Operator.


1. The Department of Chemical Engineering has four class rooms (a total plinth area of 476 sq mtrs). They are well ventilated, spacious and well lighted.

2. There are a total of seventeen labs spread over a total plinth area of 2762 sq mtrs. The break up of the area along with the lab - equipment is given in the tables below.

3. Apart from the Central Library facility, the Department has a departmental library also. This library is meant for in place reference.


The Department has four dedicated computer systems catering to the needs of Chemical Engineering School to carry out official work, supporting computer systems in the Process Dynamics and Control Lab (6 nos), and dedicated systems in simulation Lab (30 nos). It also has an integrated system coupled to the HPLC. All the Professors and Associate Professors are provided with a personal computer having internet facility.


A dedicated 1 GBPS wireless Internet connection is installed to meet the growing needs of staff and students to pursue their research. This facility complements the use of online journals and DELNET, a network of libraries to share books and research materials. All the systems on the campus are wired to fileservers. Our students also actively avail the overall Internet facility with about 70 to 80 systems spread in the campus.


Softwares like TSPL, CHEMCAD etc. useful for chemical process controlling, modeling, simulation and designing of equipment are available in the school for various academic and research activities.


It has 10 Labs that are spread to 1,487 sq mtrs

Sno Name of the Lab Area sq mtrs
1 Chemical Technology 170
2 Momentum Transfer 170
3 Physical Chemistry 85
4 Mechanical Unit Operations 170
5 Process Heat Transfer 170
6 Mass Transfer Operations 212
7 Chemical Reaction Engineering 170
8 Process Dynamics and Control 170
9 Simulation 85
10 Textile Testing 85

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