Dept. of Electrical

The Department of Electrical Engineering consists of a strong team in Research and Development. The thrust areas of research are Power Electronic Drives, SMPS, AI application to power systems, Power System deregulation , Power System Protection, FACTS devices and Applications, DC/AC drives and p.f. Improvement. Faculty of this department are actively involving in research publications in the various reputed journals and conferences.

  • Research Projects  
  • Ongoing Research Projects  

    DST is sponsoring a project on "Design of back to back PV Solar Panel with rotating convex lense & concave mirror using neuro-fuzzy based controller for industrial drive to get better output in lesser area" of amount Rs 25.74 Lakhs and the investigator being Dr G Durga Sukumar

  • Completed Research Projects  

    AICTE sponsored a project on "MODROBS (Power converters)" of amount Rs 10 Lakhs and the investigator being Dr G R K Murthy.

    APCOST sponsored a project on "Solar Electric Battery Charger"

  • Submitted Research Projects  

    "Plug in hybrid auto rickshaw " submitted to MNRE principal investigator worth Rs 56 Lakhs, principal investigator being Mr G Srinivasa Rao and Co-PI being Mrs S Suman and A Srihari Babu.

    "Design and development of energy management controller " submitted to DST under PRISM project worth Rs 20 Lakhs, prinicipal investigator being Dr G Durga Sukumar and Co-PI being Mr J Jithendranath

    "Design and Development of Centralized Energy Management based Controller for a Micro Grid using Back to Back Solar PV system with Co-Generation" submitted to DST under SERI project worth Rs 388.93 Lakhs, principal investigator being Dr G Durga Sukumar and Co-PI being Mrs S Suman and Mr J Jithendranath

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  • First Ph.D Degree awarded to Dr.M. Prameela

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