The IQAC has been integrated as one of the parts of VSFTR aimed to establish definite processes to ensure quality in various important activities of the institution.
The IQAC composition has been made in considering the facts of Accreditation counsels and committee. The composition of IQAC is

  • Dr. M. Y. S. Prasad - Vice Chancellor (Chair Person)
  • Dr. M. Ramakrishna - Dean, IQAC
  • Dr. K. Balamurugan - Assoc. Dean, IQAC
  • Mr. P. Ashok Kumar - Assoc. Dean, IQAC
  • Mr. Y. Ramamohan - Office Secretary, IQAC

  • IQAC Members from the Departments:

  • Mr. Aminul Islam - Applied Engineering
  • Dr. N. S. Sampath Kumar - Biotechnology
  • Mr. V. Vasim Chavhan - Chemical Engineering
  • Mr. P Padmarao - Civil Engineering
  • Mr. D Veeraiah - Computer Science Engineering
  • Mr. M K C Rao - Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Mr. A Naveen Reddy - Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Dr. K. Balamurugan - Mechanical Engineering
  • Ms. K. Prasanthi - Information Technology
  • Mr. J N Kiran - Science & Humanities
  • Mr. K Phani Kumar - Management Studies
  • No. of Management Representatives

  • Dr. S. Krupanidhi - Professor in Biotechnology & Dean Planning and Monitoring

  • No. of Employers / Industrialists

  • Mr. Y. Kiran Babu, CEO, Egnify Technologies, Hyderabad

  • No. of other External Experts

  • Dr. Meera Saheb, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, University College of Engineering, JNTUK.
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