Library Advisory Committee

Home Advisory Committee

Faculty Members

Sno Faculty Department Designation
1 Dr.K.V.K.Kishore Professor,CSE Dean, Library
2 Dr.A Srinivasulu Professor, Dept of ECE Member
3 Sri. M. Subba Rao Assistant Prof, Dept of EEE Member
4 Dr. N. Sampath Kumar Asst.Prof, Dept of Biotechnology Member
5 Dr. K. Venkata Rao Professor, Dept of Mechanical Member
6 Sri Mahalingam Assistant Prof, Dept of Civil Member
7 Dr. B.M.Rao Professor, Dept of MBA Member
8 Smt. K.Kalyani Assistant Prof, Dept of S&H Member
9 Sri. J. Ebenezar Assistant Prof, Dept of CSE Member
10 Dr. S. Thiru Selvan Assoc. Prof, Dept of IT Member
11 Ch. Govardhana Rao Assistant Prof, Dept of Textile Member
12 Mr. Prathemesh Sapale Assistant Prof, Dept of Petroleum Member
13 Ms. G. Kusuma Assistant Prof, Dept of Applied Engg. Member
14 Smt. A.Rajani Kumari Librarian Member, Secretary

Student Members

Sno Student Branch Register Number
1 Ms. D. Tejaswani 2nd CSE 151FA04015
2 Mr. A.V. Ganesh 2nd ECE 151FA05002
3 Mr. Somisetty Saikumar 2nd EEE 151FA06022
4 Ms. K. S. Ranjitha 2nd IT 151FA07015
5 Mr P.Dhaval Varma 2 nd Mech 151FA08070
6 Ms. G. Priya Lalitha 2nd Bioinformatics 151FA12013
7 Mr. P.S.S.G. V Narasimham 2nd Textile 151FA11005
8 Mr. A. H. Sai Phanidra 2nd Civil 161LA03001
9 Ms. R. Bathula Bhanuja 1st MBA 161FC01043
10 Ms. P.S.S. Sindhu 2nd Food Tech 151FA15025
11 Mr.M. Naveen Reddy 2nd Agricultural 151FA12017

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