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      Board of studies of Mechanical Engineering Department is constituted with experts drawn from reputed academic institutions, research laboratories , core mechanical industries and IT based mechanical organizations. This will ensure the quality curriculum to all our programmes.

External Members

Sno Name Details
1 Dr. Suroju Ramakrishna Manager  - Body Department, Isuzu Engineering Business Centre India Pvt Ltd.                                              
2 Dr.Bangarubabu Popuri Professor, NIT , Warangal                                             
3 Mr. R Purnachandra Rao Retaired, Hindustan Motors                                              
4 Dr.M.Ramji Assoc.professor, IIT Hyderabad                                        
5 Mr. Suresh Bevara Engineer, Cyient, Hyderabad                                              
6 Dr. Ramana Podugu Lead Engineer, John F Welch Technology Center, Bangalore                                              
7 Dr. R V S Subrahmanyam Director, CNC Center, NSTL, Vizag                                             

Internal Members

Sno Name Details
1 Dr. V. Madhusaudhan Rao Dean, Engineering & Management                                              
2 Dr. Krishna C.Etica Dean, Academics                                             
3 Dr. M. Ramakrishna Prof & Head, Dept. of Mech Engg                                             
4 Dr. B. Ramamoorthy Professor and Rector                                             
5 Dr. P. M. V. Rao Professor and Dean Evaluation                                        
6 Dr. Lam suvarna Raju Professor, Dept. of Mech. Engg.                                        
7 Dr. Anup Kumar T Assoc Prof, Dept. of Mech Engg.                                              
8 Dr. B. Nageshara Rao Assoc Prof, Dept. of Mech Engg.                                              
9 Mr. P B G S N Murthy Assoc Prof, Dept. of Mech Engg.                                              
10 Mr. D. Satyanarayana Assoc Prof, Dept. of Mech Engg, VU                                             

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