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      Vignan University ensures that students will always be supported in their journey. Support services include assistance through counselling, student mentor programs, career planning services and more.

      As a part of student mentor programs the institution has adopted several practices for the benefits of students. Practices include personality development program, guest lecturers, industrial training and industrial trips, national level festivals, skills training, coaching for competitive exams such as GATE, GRE and TOEFL, meet ups with young entrepreneur and language development skills.

      National Scholarships Portal is one-stop solution through whicCounselling service aims to provide a supportive and positive environment for all the students at the institution. Counselling activity provides comprehensive support to underrepresented students at Vignan who come from varied background. It creates a healthy rapport between faculty and student often enabling the former to mentor the latter by connecting education with guidance as an integral part of the teaching profession. It helps to ameliorate the immense stress that is silently suffered by the students coming from varied backgrounds

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