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Program Name Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Level Post Graduation
Program Specific Enquiries: 0863-2344783
Admission Enrollment and General Enquiries: 0863-2344777, 1800-425-2529
HoD Contact Number 9963636699
Program Description:

MBA program is designed to develop aspiring managers who can manage organizations competitively. The program aims to develop entrepreneurs who can establish and manage their enterprises in most effective manner. Identifying the multifaceted industry needs that demand multi-skilled people, the program is offered with dual specialization. The student may opt for two of his areas of interest from the elective areas like Marketing, Human resources, Finance, Entrepreneurship and International business in his second year of course work.

Professional Outcomes:
  • Develop business and management competencies in the future managers.
  • Develop the ability to examine and analyse the impact of the changing environment and to respond appropriately at tactical and strategic level.
  • Development of insights, critical and creative thinking, and management skills.
  • Develop essential decision making, leadership and entrepreneurial abilities.
  • Produce aspiring and dynamic managers to meet the requirements of business and industry.
Work Experience,Internships and Research:

Case study methodology and practical assignments provide the students hands-on experience to absorb practical application of the theoretical concepts they learn in the class rooms. Mini projects as well as major project provide the practical work experience and knowledge about functional areas of management.

  Applicable for the batches admitted from 2013-14

I Year

I Semester(R15 Regulation)

Code Subject
MS149 Principles and Practices of Management (PPM)
MS150 Managerial Economics
MS151 Business Environment & Ethics (BEE)
MS152 Accounting for Managers (AFM)
MS153 Operations Research (OR)
MS154 Organizational Behavior (OB)
MS155 Business Laws (BL)
MS156 Managerial Communication (MC)

I Year

II Semester(R13 Regulation)

Code Subject
MS242 Marketing Management (MM)
MS243 Financial Management (FM)
MS244 Human Resource Management (HRM)
MS245 Business Research Methods & Project (BRMP)
MS246 Management Information System (MIS)
MS247 Production and Operations Management (POM)
MS248 E-Business (EB)
MS249 Computer & IT Applications (CIT)

II Year

III Semester(R13 Regulation)

Code Subject
MS392 Strategic Management (SM)
MS393 Entrepreneurship & Business Plan (EBP)
  Specialization-I Elective-1
  Specialization-I Elective-2
  Specialization-I Elective-3
  Specialization-II Elective-1
  Specialization-II Elective-2
  Specialization-II Elective-3
MS394 Summer Internship & Project Assessment
                                                         III Semester Electives
 Marketing :
MS395 Consumer Behavior & Market Research
MS396 Services Marketing & CRM
MS397 Retail Marketing Management
 Finance :
MS398 Financial Markets & Services
MS399 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
MS701 International Financial Management
 HR :
MS702 Human Resource Planning
MS703 Training & Organizational Development
MS704 Labor Laws & Industrial Relations
 Systems :
MS705 Enterprise Resource Planning
MS706 Database Management Systems
MS707 Business Intelligence & Analysis

II Year

IV Semester(R13 Regulation)

Code Subject
MS488 Project Management (PM)
MS489 International Business (IB)
  Specialization-I Elective-1
  Specialization-I Elective-2
  Specialization-I Elective-3
  Specialization-II Elective-1
  Specialization-II Elective-2
  Specialization-II Elective-3
MS490 Project Report & Viva Voce
                                                         IV Semester Electives
 Marketing :
MS491 IMC & Brand Management
MS492 Supply Chain Management
MS493 MS493 Strategic Marketing
 Finance :
MS494 Financial Derivatives
MS495 Corporate Taxation
MS496 Strategic Financial Management
 HR :
MS497 Performance and Compensation Management
MS498 Strategic & International HRM
MS499 Talent Management
 Systems :
MS801 Software Project Management
MS802 Decision Support Systems
MS803 System Design & Audit

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