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The world is becoming 'flat' due to globalization. While enjoying the benifits of higher technological exposure and worldwide opportunities, the Indian youth finds himself confronted with cross cultural influences and is exposed to practices that are new to him / her. There is a need to empower him / her with the wisdom to employ his/her innate powers of wisdom to confront wordly issues. This is the greatest challenge for Indian Universities today. The VIGNAN University, located in a rustic settings of Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh, has a philosophy to offer technical education that shall have its foundation on Indian traditions and value systems. While focusing on the holistic development of every individual, it puts greater emphasis on freedom of thought, expression and action.

The Vision of making VIGNAN as a Centre of Excellence is embedded in the courses it offers and the curriculum design it is making to satisfy every individual looking for knowledge in his / her areas of choice. While aspiring to be an international player in the field of technical education, it plans to achieve the same through its contribution to local and regional needs. It is positioning itself to be one of the major contributors for national development by developing individuals who are technically competent and socially conscious. Its past achievements stand testimony to this effect. I welcome every individual who is willing to come and share the knowledge and participate in the nation building activities of VIGNAN

Dr. M.Y.S. Prasad

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