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     Students at Vignan are encouraged to play a very proactive role in the day to day running of the college administrative functions. They find representation on almost all committees overseeing the vital functions of the institute.The following committees are existing in the college.

The students are also represented on these committees :

  • Students Grievance Redressal Committee

  • International Students Affairs Committee(ISAC)

  • Committee for prevention of Caste based Discrimination

  • Disciplinary Committee: Any misconduct or misbehavior on the part of students is bought to the notice of this committee for proper action.

  • Library Committee: They advise on the purchase of library books required by the students and also advise on improvements of the library facilities.

  • Anti-ragging Committee: The committee monitors and takes preemptive measure to prevent ragging of junior students.
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  • Women Protection Cell: The cell looks after the security and welfare of women employees and students.

  • Canteen Committee: The committee looks after canteen facilities, quality of food, choice of menu etc.

  • Hostel Committee : They looks after the facilities in the hostel, grievances of hostel anything close inmates.

  • Cultural Committee: The cultural committee plans and organizes all major cultural activities of the college.

  • Literary Committee: The members of this committee are actively engaged in conducting on campus literary competitions like Quiz, Debate, elocution, essay and poetry writing competitions.

  • NSS Unit: The students volunteers of the unit organize and conduct social service activities under the guidance of faculty.

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