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      It is an established fact that human behavior is influenced by the surrounding. The serene atmosphere of a temple has an elevating effect on all of us. Guided by this fact, meticulous care has been taken in the design of the University campus. The beautifully landscaped campus has green tree lined avenues, lush green lawns, spacious classrooms, open corridors and large playgrounds. All this created a pleasant and stress free atmosphere for student to learn and develop. It is spread over 42.56 acres of land.

Ideal infrastructure at VFSTR

     On date VFSTR's surplus infrastructure features serene and eco-friendly ambience; ventilation to allow Good with plenty of natural breeze for all classrooms and laboratories; ergonomically designed furniture for comfort to sit for long hours; large circulation area to facilitates informal discussions among students and faculty; state of art Administrative Block 7,600 Sq.m.; and facilities for differently abled studentslike solar powered cars for easy mobility on the campus, wheel chairs, specially designed furniture, ramps and lifts.

Latest Improvements

     All class rooms are ICT enabled while 40% of class rooms are upgraded into smart class rooms and air conditioned along with seminar halls. The other improvements include Wi-Fi enabled campus and upgraded libraries with state of art facilities.

    Built - up area of the Institute
S.No. Category Area Available (Sq. m)
1 Instructional Area 36,100
2 Administration Area 8,328
3 Amenities Area 24,674
3 Circulation Area 17,280
          Area 86,382


    Other Areas
Category Area (
Men’s Hostel 20,200
Women’s Hostel 14,950
Amphi Theaters 2750
Staff Quarters 2,340
Guest House 1638
Health Centre 200
Gym 175
Area 42,253


Progress Chart
Year wise 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
Instructional area 24,500 28,500 32,607 34,353 36,100
Administrative area 1800 2500 7,528 7,628 8,328
Amenities area 15000 18500 21,886 23,280 24,674
Circulation area 6000 11500 14,153 15,716 17,280
Others 19500 32000 41,253 41,253 42,253
Total 66,800 93,000 1,17,427 1,22,230 1,28,635


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