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      Colleges are not about the four walls. It is the whole Located along the Guntur-Tenali Highway and just 30kms experience that inspires a student to succeed. We from Vijayawada, the institution is well connected to all the strongly believe that a stimulating, peaceful ambience, three towns through the state managed public transport. the right attitude of people and the right human relations State Transport buses ply at frequency of 15minutes. are essential ingredients conducive for learning. Hence, It is also well connected by Railways and Airways. The we have taken great care in choosing the locales and in biggest Railway Station Junction in South India, Vijayawada, landscaping every inch of the campus. As far as the eye is just an hour's drive from University campus. can see, there's greenery, as research has proven that natural environments have a calming effect on the mind. The Gannavaram Airport providing passenger service to The infrastructure has been spaced in such a way as to major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi is give the effect of a great outdoors and not to make one about one and half hour drive from the campus. feel confined. What's more we've tried to capture the same effect even in our classrooms. For easy and enjoyable learning, each classroom is spacious, with a desk and chair for each student.


The University spreads over an area of 31.66 acres, housed in two blocks-Visweswaraya Block (H-Block) & Aryabhata Orbit (U-Block).

  • Visweswaraya (H) : 12,267 sqm

  • Aryabhata Orbit (U) : 10,950 sqm

  • NTR Vignan Library : 1,380 sqm

  • Other built-up area : 6,100 sqm

  • Area per Student : 13 sqm

  • Green Area : 1,28,746 sqm

  • Instructional Area : 15,080 sqm

  • Administrative Area : 2,550 sqm

  • Amenities : 5,210 sqm

  • Circulation Area : 7,857 sqm

  •       The institute attracts the cream of student community from across the country through national level competitive examinations and interviews. It believes that the true potential of such students cannot be realized through academics alone. The students need to be provided with opportunities for exploring and enhancing their talents in extra-curricular activities through Literary, Cultural and Sports Clubs. This helps promote self- management skills and core values in the students, all of which,cumulatively help to groom students into integrated personalities.

          The students are involved in a host of activities all through the year. Major events like youth festivals; technical competitions are actively organized and conducted by the student body. Student representation is present on various Administrative Committees like Hostel Governing Body, Canteen Committee, Course Monitoring, Discipline Committee etc. All Student committees work under the peripheral supervision of the faculty. Students, thus, get an opportunity to shoulder responsibilities and understand the issues better.Students learn to cope with challenges and compulsions that are part and parcel of the routine administration of the organization.This, indirectly provides for rich experiential learning in the art of management.

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