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Sno Date Name of the Resource Person & Address Topic
1 09-04-2015 Dr. B. Rammoorthy, IIT Madras Inspirational Speech for B.Tech. IIIrd yr and Faculty interaction
2 21-02-2015 Dr. P.V. Rao, Mec h Engg Dept, IIT Delhi Manufacturing Technology, R & D and Project Praposal
3 28-01-2015 Dr. Subhas Thota, Dept of Physics, IIT Guwahati Spin-caloritronics for on-chip cooling applications and Reentrant Magnetic Behavior of few Oxide Spinels
4 28&29-12-2014 Dr. Prahalada R&D and Department Development
5 8-09-2014 Dr. Chacko Jacob, Dept. of Mech. Engg, IIT Kharagpur Nanotechnology-Hope, Hype, or Reality
6 8-08-2014 Mr. Sushil, Academic Manager, Tata-Technologies Pune Setting up of centre of excellence
7 07-08-2014 Dr. Durga Rao Karanki, Scientist at Risk and HRA group of Nuclear Energy and safety Research , Dept of Paul Scherrer Institute of Switzerland Realibility Engineering- Concepts & Practice and safety precautions in Nuclear Industries
8 01-08-2014 Sri V Bhaskara Rao, Deputy General Manager, Marketing, John Deere, Pune, Maharastra Farm Solutions and Equipment
9 26-06-2014 Dr. D B Karunakar Mech Engg Dept. IIT Roorkee New trends in research & Developpment
10 29-03-2014 Sri.Manoj Morla Satyam Ventures, Hyderabad Seat Belts & Safety Bags design
11 22-03-2014 Sri. K. Durga Rao Assistant Professor Vignan's University Pranic Healing
12 14-03-2014 Sri. K.Surender , Canter (CADD) technologies pvt.Ltd, Vijayawada Applications in Mechanical Engineering Design
13 07-03-2014 Dr.G.Divakar, Professor of P.V.P.Siddartha Institute of Technology, Kanur, Vijayawada Condition Monitoring
14 09-11-2013 Ms. I. Meenakshi IEEE Software Eng. Development
15 04-11-2013 Prof. P. Seshu Professor, IIT, Mumbai A Guest Lecture on Evolving paradigms of science
16 16-07-2013 Dr. Prasad Yarlagadda, Professor, Queenland University of Technology, Australia Multidisciplinary Approach for the Design and Management of Airport Terminarls.
17 29-12-2012 Sri K V K Prasad, Software Professional Soft skills and opportunities in abroad for higher education
18 24-09-2013 Sri E Venkata Ramana , PROLIFIC Systems & Technologies Pvt. Ltd A seminar on Embedded Systems & Industrial Automation
19 14-08-2012 Dr. N. Ramesh Babu, Professor, IIT, Madras Modern Manufacturing Processes
20 20-04-2012 Dr V K Tiwari, Dept of Mechanical Engg., IIT Kharagpur Recent developments in Farm Power and Machinery
21 16-12-2011 Ms. Santhi Nannapaneni, Asst director of student affairs, University of illinois Opportunities and challenges of higher education
22 12-10-2011 Dr. R Subramanian, School of engineering and technology, pondichery central university Research on security in cloud computing
23 27-08-11 Dr. N. Ramesh, Professor & HOD, Manufacturing Department, IIT Madras Scenerio of Manufacturing
24 04-08-2011 Prof Paul Stains, National college of ireland Motivating the students to join the national college of Ireland
25 27-07-2011 Lt. Cdr. Sachin Ballall Carrier available for engineering students in Indian navy
26 26-07-2011 Dr. K S Gandhi, IISC Bangalore Basic skills requirement for all teaching fraternity
27 04-02-11 Dr. Ramji, Professor, College of Engineering, Andhra Pradesh Nanotechnology - Application in Mechanical Engineering.
28 29-12-2010 Dr N Siva Prasad, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Chennai Industry Institute Interaction
29 27-12-2010 Mr. Lakshmi Prasad, Senior Manager, Fanuq, CNC controllers Manufacturers, USA Robotics and its applications in manufacturing
30 27-09-10 Mr. Y. Krishna Mohan, Managing Director, Surya Engineering Works, Vijayawada Entreprenuership & Opportunities in Mechanical Engineering
31 17-08-10 Prof. Lakshmi Narasaiah, Vasavi Engg. College, Hyderabad Finite Element Analysis
32 30-07-2010 Sri Lakshmi Narasaiah, Ex-Senior Manager BHEL, Hyderabad Finite Element Methods
33 03-07-10 Prof. S. S. Rao, University of Miami, USA Application on FEM
34 24-06-2010 Dr. Bose, IIT Mumbai Carrier opportunities in Mechanical Engineering and the role of design engineer in the advanced manufacturing
35 12-03-10 Dr.D.Nageswara Rao,Professor,Andhra University,Visakhapatnam Role of Efforts of DRDO for the Promotion of Nation and opportunities for young Engineers
28 27-09-10 Mr. Y. Krishna Mohan, Managing Director, Surya Engineering Works, Vijayawada Application of nanocoatings in dry machining
36 27 & 28-02-2010 Industrialists from various companies Role of Efforts of DRDO for the Promotion of Nation and opportunities for young Engineers
37 10-12-2009 Prof. B. V. Appa Rao, Professor Dept. of Marine Engineering, Andhra University Alternate Fuels in IC Engines
38 18-11-2009 Dr. B. V. Appa Rao, Professor, Marine Department ,College of Engineering, Andhra University Biofuels
39 24-10-2009 Mr. Y. Krishna Mohan, Managing Director, Surya Engineering Works, Vijayawada Entrepreneurship and opportunities in mechanical industry
40 05-08-09 Dr. Ramesh Babu Adusumalli, Asst. Professor, BITS, Pilani. Hyderabad Campus Cellulose Fiber Reinforced Composites
41 25-02-09 Mr. T. Phaniprasad, Analyser,CAE Solutions Pvt.Ltd, Hyderabad Computational Fluid Dynamics
42 20-02-09 Mr. K. Suryanarayana , Head , HR Division, TCS, Hyderabad. Characterization of Nanomaterials
43 05-08-09 Mr. A. Ramakrishna, CAD Software Systems Pvt. Ltd., Chennai. Computer Aided Design
44 02-07-09 Mr. K. Suryanarayana , Head , HR Division, TCS, Hyderabad. Enterprise Resource Planning

Sno Date Topic Resource Persons
1 14&15-10-2016 IC Engines and CATIA, III Year E-Cell IIT Bombay
2 14&15-10-2016 Quad copter, II Year E-Cell IIT Bombay
3 07 to 10-01-2016 Computation Fluid Dynamics(CFD),Four days workshop Udvavisk Technologies Pvt.Ltd,Velachery,Chennai
4 25-05-2016 ANSYS and CREO,Auto cad summer training work shop for students of II,III years ARK Info solutions,Hyd
5 05&06-09-2014 Robosapiens Technology IIT Delhi & Robosapiens Technology
6 11-09-2014 Two day Workshop on PSYBOTICS in collaboration with SHUKRA INFOTECH Mr. S. Krishna Chaitanya, Asst Professor and Mr. M. Praveen
7 09-04-2014 A One day Workshop on Advances in Automobile Engineering Dr.P.N.Chetty, Professor & Head, Automobile Engineering, Veltech University, Chennai
8 July 29 – 30, 2013 International Workshop on Advanced and Integrated Energy Systems and Energy Conservation Dr.B.V.Reddy, Professor, Ontario University of Institute of Technology, Canada, Dr.A.V.S.S.K.S.Gupta, JNTUH, Dr.Sreeramulu, MEC, Hyderabad
9 November 23-24,2012 A Two Day National Level Workshop on “Renewable Energy” Dr. K. Srinivasa Reddy, Professor, IIT-Madras, Chennai Dr. V. Mani, Scientist-E, C-MET, Hyderabad
10 26th to 29th of January 2012 A Three Day Workshop on CREO Sri M. Veera Samy IIT-Madras, Chennai
11 December 20-24,2011 Five day workshop on Finite Element Analysis Using ANSYS Prof. N. Siva Prasad IIT-Madras, Chennai
12 11-6-2011 To 15-6-2011 IUCEE Workshop on Nanotechnology its Concepts and Applications Prof. Ramesh K Agarwal, Washington University, USA
13 28th & 29th October, 2011 Two-day i Robotricks workshop in association with E-Cell, IIT Kharagpur & Robosapiens India Pvt. Ltd. Sri Pradeep Kumar Sharma Managing Director Robosapiens India Pvt. Ltd., Noida
14 June 28th- July to 2nd ,2010 Five day short term course on Finite Element methods Using ANSYS Prof. Lakshmi Narasaiah, Vasavi Engg. College, Hyderabad
15 18-6-2009 to 20-6-2009 Meta Heuristics and Their Applications in Design, Manufacturing and Materials Dr. Kulkarni, Marathwada University, Nanded Dr. T V Prasad, GVP College of Engg, Vizag

Sno Date Topic Resource Persons
1 03-09-2016 Product Design & Development Dr.Suroju Ramakrishna, ISUZU, Chennai
2 07-04-2016 Design And Modelling in Pro E E mug TechnoogiesPvtLtd,Hyd,
3 18-03-2016 Entrepreneur Talk And Interaction program Kiranbabu,CEO of Megnify
4 17-02-2016 GRE Career Guidance TIME -LV Rajesh,Guntur
5 08-02-2016 3D Printing MKS TechnologiesPvtLtd,Guntur
6 01-02-2016 Sustainable Green Energy Dr.Jagadish,Director, NCDA
7 13-10-2015 Summer Internship &Scop of Msprogramm In Saint louis University Dr.SridharCondoor,USA
8 06-10-2015 Lab india Nano Bio process Division R L Narayana,HYD
9 20-09-2015 Energy Conservation D.Rameshkumar
10 03-09-2015 Open source Engineering (FEA) Udvavisk Technologies Pvt ltd
11 22-08-2015 Motivational speech Mr Naga Prasad,HYD
12 05 to 06-04-2013 Advancements in Mechanical Engineering Prof. N. Siva Prasad, IIT Madras Prof. N. Ramesh Babu, IIT Madras Prof. M. Govardhan and Former Director IIT Bombay

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