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Department of Biotechnology has excellent infrastructure that offers full fledged environment. The Department has a well defined exclusive built space of about 1800 sq. meters at Aryabhatta Orbit with facilities for carrying out both regular academic and research in various areas of biotechnology, housing modern infrastructure to conduct work in Bioprocess technology, Bioinformatics, Genetic Engineering, Plant Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Immunology etc. The classrooms are fully furnished, equipped with teaching aids like OHP, LCD etc and well ventilated with esthetic environment.

We have a robust power back up: the college is provided with a HT power line incase of power cuts a generator of 440KV is put to use. Two 0.6KVA UPS are separately used for computers of HOD & Data Entry Operator.


Total Area : 1800 sq.m.

  • Department of Biotechnology has four class rooms (total plinth area of 480 sq mtrs) They are well ventilated, spacious and well lighted.

  • Six laboratories spread over a total plinth are of 1200 sq mtrs.

  • Apart from the Central Library facility, we have a Departmental library too. This library is meant for in place reference.

  • Systems   

    • 60 (Bioinformatics Laboratory)

    • 05 (Other Laboratories)

    • 05 (Department Library)

    We have dedicated computer systems catering to the needs of Department of Biotechnology to carry out official work (5 nos), supporting computer systems in Bioinformatics Laboratory (60 nos), and dedicated systems in Department Library (5 nos). We also have an integrated system coupled to the UV-Visible Spectrohotometer. All the Professors and Associate Professors are provided with a personal computer having internet facility also.


    A dedicated 1 GBPS wireless Internet connection is installed to meet the growing needs of staff and students to pursue their research. This facility complements the use of online journals and DELNET, a network of libraries to share books and research material. All the systems on the campus are wired to fileservers. Our students also actively avail the overall Internet facility with about 70 to 80 systems spread in the campus.

    List of Equipments in Dept. of Biotechnology   

    Sno Lab Instruments Total cost of the Equipments
    1 Biochemistry Lab Digital Elect. Balance 1,67,351
    2 Microbiology Lab Laminar Air Flow; microscopes; orbital shaker 5,04,995
    3 Immunology Lab Cooling centrifuge; Co2 incubator 5,03,000
    4 Bioprocess Engineering Lab Incubator Shaker; Sonicator 3,00,000
    5 Bioinformatics Lab Networking Facility with computers 1,02,100
    6 Biological Database Lab Plasma Display; computers 1,20,000
    7 Genetic Engineering PCR; Blotting for Mini gel; Deep Freezer 7,84,703
    8 Tissue Culture Lab Plant Growth Chamber; Laminar Air Flow 5,16,000
    9 Research Lab Fermentor 13,33,262
    10 DST-FIST Lab ELISA Reader, Networking Facility LED Disply Unit (55 inch.), HPLC, Sonicator, UV-Spec.with Peltiar device. Inverted Microscope. 42,00,000
    11 CoE FPLC 5,00,000
    Fluorescence Spec. 10,00,000
    Co2 Incubator 3,50,000
    Olympus Fluorescence Microscope, Ice Flake Maker 6,00,000

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